Miss Georgia Alyssa Beasley, center, salutes the four queens named here Saturday night: from left, Miss Heart of South Georgia Gabrielle D’Alessandro, Miss Coastal Empire’s Outstanding Teen Jordan Simmons, Miss Wayne County’s Outstanding Teen Emily Teston and Miss Coastal Empire Megan Johnson.
Former University of Georgia quarterback Greyson Lambert and his sister, Adason, work on their UGA snowman. The UGA snowman seemed to be a common theme, with the Bulldogs set to face Alabama Monday in the collegiate national-championship football game. Lambert said he is feeling confident about Georgia’s chances Monday.
Wayne County residents lined up at the gas pumps this week in spite of the higher prices. Jay Fulton, left, filled up at Flash Foods, one of the lower-priced sources, according to a midweek report on Gas Buddy. Fulton questioned the reasons given by the industry for higher prices. “I don’t understand how [gas prices] can go up and down so fast with the inventory being the same,” he said. “They haven’t sold out all the gas they had yesterday and started over today, so why did they raise the price?”

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The Georgia General Assembly convened this week, and an array of Wayne County leaders went to Atlanta for a variety of activities—including the Okefenokee Occasion (a reception that Wayne helped ho

“Where is the money?” was the question that returning Screven City Council member Raquel Wright asked Monday night.
The new Screven City Council will call on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to check into possible criminal financial activity that it learned of Monday night.


Through rain and sleet and snow, there is still a need for us to go.
We are all for law enforcement’s having all the equipment officers need to do their job and to be safe. However, the latest blue-light development is a bit too much.


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