We're in this with you


As strange times become increasingly stranger, The Press-Sentinel will continue to strive to keep you informed from a local perspective.

At least for now, the newspaper is moving to a once-a-week publication. Yet we at The P-S will be working hard to make sure that weekly edition is the best it can be.

And while we’ve long been using our website for the most important and urgent updates between editions, we plan to be relying more heavily on that option in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, even though our physical office is closed and our hours are a little shorter, you can call us at 427-3757 with questions, ad orders and news items between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday-Friday. You can also call us at other times if you don’t mind leaving a message, and you can email us (news@thepress-sentinel.com or advertising@thepress-sentinel.com), fax us (427-4092) or send us old-fashioned postal correspondence (PO Box 607, Jesup, GA 31598) any time.

At a time when reliable information may be more important than ever, we are committed to remaining a local news source you can count on.

And when some semblance of normalcy starts to return, we’ll still be serving your local-news needs.