Don’t delay in being diligent



Now that COVID-19 cases have started popping up in neighboring Glynn County, we need to redouble our efforts to protect ourselves against the spread of the coronavirus here.

By the time a local case is confirmed, the virus will already be spreading, and the effectiveness of protective measures will be diminished.

The toll taken on older and otherwise at-risk individuals will be particularly severe, especially given that some younger individuals may pass the virus on before even recognizing their symptoms.

Yet even younger people are being warned of the danger that the virus poses to them. And if our health system is overwhelmed by critical COVID-19 patients, anyone with any health problem will be in a worse situation.

What can we do? First, we can practice good hygiene practices—for example, by washing our hands thoroughly and often. But it is also essential that we try to avoid direct contact with other people and even with areas frequented by other people.

We shouldn’t panic, engaging in pointless or even counterproductive actions, but we should educate ourselves as to what we need to be doing. And we should support and even demand positive government efforts to combat the virus—while eschewing those who would subordinate this crisis to their personal agendas.

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