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Meeks wins GOP primary for 178; _Werkheiser wins other House race

Daniel wins school board; Roberts, Cooksey in runoff

Wayne County resident Steven Meeks has won the Republican nomination for Georgia House District 178.

And Bill Werkheiser has defeated Delvis Dutton in the GOP Primary for House District 157--and, because there are no _Democrats running, will retain his seat.

In other election results, Sheron Daniel kept the District 4 seat on the Wayne County Board of Education in the Nonpartisan Election Tuesday.

Meanwhile, incumbent Mike Roberts and Ferrell Cooksey are headed to a runoff for the Republican nomination for District 3 county commissioner.

The General Primary and Nonpartisan Election drew a local voter turnout of 24.3 percent (3,713 ballots cast out of 15,264 registered voters).

In the District 178 House race on the Republican ballot, Meeks beat Franklin Rozier of Pierce County 3,863-2,265 (63 percent to 37 percent). Meeks had a particularly strong showing in Wayne County, outpacing Rozier 1,238-234 (84.1 percent to 15.9 percent). Meeks will face Democrat Greg O'Driscoll on Nov. 6.

In the District 157 House race on the Republican ballot, Werkheiser beat Dutton 2,557-1,541 (62.4 percent to 37.6 percent). In Wayne County Werkheiser won 943-452 (67.6 percent to 32.4 percent).

For the only contested school board seat, Daniel defeated Kelly 239-176 (57.3 percent to 42.2 percent).

And for the only contested seat on the Wayne County Board of Commissioners, Roberts with 262 votes (42.2 percent) and Cooksey with 187 votes 30.1 percent)advanced to a runoff for the GOP nomination. Larry Brantley was the odd man out with 172 votes (27.7 percent). The runoff winner will face Democrat Kenny Teston in November.

In the race for the Democratic nomination for Georgia's First Congressional seat, Lisa Ring beat Barbara Seidman 20,501-9,814 (67.6 percent to 32.4 percent), also besting her in Wayne County 447-202 68.9 percent to 31.1 percent). Ring will face incumbent Republican Buddy Carter in the General Election.


Statewide races

In the only statewide nonpartisan race, Ken Hodges beat Ken Shigley with 69.9 percent of the vote. Hodges also came out on top in Wayne 2,392-612 (79.6 percent to 20.4 percent).

In the gubernatorial races, Republican candidates Casey Cagle with 39 percent and Brian Kemp with 25.6 percent are headed to a runoff; they were the top two vote-getters in a five-man field (after two candidates withdrew). Kemp actually outpolled Cagle in Wayne 1,089-915 (37.1 percent to 31.1 percent).

On the Democratic side, Stacey Abrams beat Stacey Evans 76.4 percent to 23.y6 percent. Abrams also prevailed in Wayne County 515-183 (73.8 percent to 26.2 percent).

For lieutenant governor, Republicans David Shafer with 48.9 percent and Geoff Duncan with 26.6 percent are headed to a runoff. In Wayne, though, the third candidate, Rick Jeffares, had the most votes with 1,188 votes (44.2 percent), and Shafer was second with 949 votes (35.3 precent).

On the Democratic side, Sarah Riggs Amico beat Triana Arnold James 55.3 percent to 44.7 percent; Amico also prevailed in Wayne County 343-293 (53.9 percent to 46.1 percent).

For secretary of state, _Republicans Brad Raffensperger with 35 percent and David Belle Isle with 28.6 percent are headed to a runoff. Josh McKoon was third in the four-man race with 21.1 percent. In Wayne, though, Belle Isle was on top with 1,005 votes (41 percent); McKoon was second with 546 votes (22.3 percent); and Buzz Brockway was third with 456 votes (18.6 percent).

John Barrow avoided a runoff for the Democratic nomination for secretary of state with 61.6 percent of the vote statewide; he also dominated the three-person race locally with 413 votes (61.6 percent).

For insurance commissioner, Jim Beck with 59.7 percent defeated two other candidates to avoid a runoff for the GOP nomination; he also received a 1,766-vote majority (69.6 percent) in Wayne .

Janice Laws won the Democratic nomination for insurance commissioner with 62.8 percent, defeating Cindy Zeldin with 37.2 percent. Laws also beat Zeldin in Wayne 455-171 (72.7 percent to 27.3 percent).

For school superintendent, incumbent Richard Woods with 60.1 percent beat John Barge with 39.9 percent on the Republican side; the results were similar in Wayne, where Woods beat Barge 1,572-1,018 (60.7 percent to 39.3 percent).

Among the three Democratic candidates, Otha E. Thornton Jr. with 43.9 percent and _Sid Chapman with 36.5 percent are advancing to a runoff. They were also the favorites in Wayne, where Thornton garnered 262 votes (42.5 percent) and Chapman took 220 votes (35.7 percent). Sam Mosteller was the third candidate.

In the Democratic race for labor commissioner, Richard Keatley with 51.3 percent beat Fred Quinn with 48.5 percent. Quinn outpolled Keatley here, though, 313-305 (50.6 percent to 49.4 percent). Keatley will face incumbent Republican Mark Butler in November.

And in the Democratic race for Republican Chuck Eaton's Public Service Commission seat, Lindy Miller with 65.5 percent beat two other candidates to avoid a runoff. She also took a majority in Wayne with 354 votes (57.8 percent). She will face Eaton this fall.

Finally, Tricia Pridemore with 53.1 percent remained in the hunt to keep her PSC seat, defeating John Hitchins III for the Republican nomination. Hitchins actually earned more votes in Wayne, though, 1,276-1,247 (50.6 percent to 49.4 percent).

On the Democratic side, Dawn A. Randolph beat Doug Stoner 78.6 percent to 21.4 percent. In Wayne she outpolled Stoner 461-146 (76 percent to 24 percent).

Total percentages may not equal 100 as a result of rounding or, in local voting, of write-in candidates.

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