Wayne up to six cases


Wayne County had six confirmed cases of COVID-19, as of midday Tuesday.

Overall, Georgia had 14,223 confirmed cases, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website (dph.georgia.gov) as of press time.

The number of hospitalized patients was 2,769 (19.5 percent), and the number of deaths was 501 (3.5 percent).

Fulton County still had the highest number of cases at 1,774, and Dougherty County still had the most deaths at 78.

Of counties adjoining Wayne, Pierce (where exposure to the virus has been linked to church services) has the highest number of cases at 45, including two deaths.

Only two of Georgia’s 159 counties still have no confirmed cases.

As of Monday night, Wayne Memorial Hospital had administered 192 tests for COVID-19, according to CEO Joe Ierardi. Results were in for all but 10 of those tests, indicating an increasingly fast turnaround time for testing.

Some Wayne County residents are being tested at other local sites, and others are being tested out of town.