Governor welcomes Chemours to Wayne

  • Wayne County welcomes Chemours
    Wayne County welcomes Chemours

Gov. Brian Kemp officially welcomed Chemours to Wayne County this week.

In a press release his office sent out late Tuesday, Kemp said, “The expansion of Chemours is exciting news for our state. Thanks to our top-ranked workforce and unmatched logistics network, the Peach State offers countless opportunities for companies to succeed.

“We applaud and support their commitment to conservation and celebrate their success as one of our Georgia Made™ companies while creating new jobs and opportunities for hardworking Georgians.”

Chemours began mining of mineral sands in Wayne County last month (as reported in the Aug. 5 edition of The Press-Sentinel).

Kemp’s office noted that Chemours has invested $86 million in the Wayne County project, which will create an estimated 78 jobs in the community.

(For more on the state’s response to Chemours’ expansion into Wayne County, see next Wednesday’s print edition of The Press-Sentinel.)